Advocacy updates

Taking some time to celebrate our advocacy achievements over the last year As part of our state election advocacy campaign last year, AICSA advocated for a taskforce into artist precarity, which is a crucial step to communicating the distinct challenges affecting the industry and to improve the conditions and salaries of artists and arts workers.  […]

Funding the Foundation to Thrive

Funding the Foundation to Thrive by Louise Flaherty Last year, AICSA commissioned artists to produce work inspired by our five key advocacy messages.  We asked Louise Flaherty to create a piece inspired by the message: Funding the foundation to thrive. Individual practising artists and small-to-medium arts organisations form the foundation of the arts sector and […]

WATCH // National Cultural Policy: SA Edition Webinar

On 30 January 2023, the Australian Government published the National Cultural Policy, Revive: a place for every story, a story for every place. Revive is a five-year plan to renew and revive Australia’s arts, entertainment and cultural sector. After a few weeks to digest the new tone and direction that the plan sets out, what will Revive mean for South […]

WATCH // Bad, Better and Beyond Best Practice: Rethinking Arts Governance

VIDEOS ONLINE NOW Thank you to those who attended our recent seminar, Bad, Better and Beyond Best Practice: Rethinking Arts Governance.  If you missed it, or would like a refresher, the videos are available now! Bad, Better and Beyond Best Practice: Rethinking Arts Governance 4 Videos Rethinking Arts Governance: Session 1 Bad News Boards 7:59 […]

WEBINAR // Sustainability and responsible arts sponsorship

SUSTAINABILITY AND RESPONSIBLE ARTS SPONSORSHIP FREE WEBINAR 30 November 2022, 10am ACDTPresented by the Arts Industry Council of South Australia, Alex Kelly and Jennifer Mills Across the country, cultural organisations such as Darwin and Perth Festivals are ending their relationships with fossil fuel companies after sustained pressure from artists and advocates. With climate disruption increasingly […]

SURVEY // Arts Salary/Wage Transparency

The Arts Industry Council SA (AICSA) believes in fair wages for arts work. Too often, there is a lack of salary or wage transparency, which disempowers arts workers in their negotiations with their employers. In an effort to foster solidarity and make some small progress towards transparency and fairness, this AICSA survey calls on the […]