Strategic Plan 2021-2013

In 2021 AICSA celebrates its 30th anniversary and we are delighted to present this revised strategic direction which has been prepared by AICSA together with Strategic Consultant Kate Larsen. This new plan outlines a vision for AICSA and its priorities for the next three years.

Download the Strategic Plan 2021-2023 

Our Vision


We imagine a future in which…

  • South Australia’s diverse and vibrant arts sector is strong, stable, visible and valued, and is both well-resourced and well-represented.
  • The role and impact of the arts is understood as critical to South Australia’s cultural identity, economy, and wellbeing.
  • Our members are powerful advocates for their own work and that of the broader sector.
  • AICSA provides active leadership through our collaborations, cross- sector relationships and advocacy.