This is a very anxious week for many of our members, who will find out their results from the Australia Council’s 4-year funding round.

A number of organisations will be successful and from all reports will receive their full ask. Their future for the next four years will be secure. Everyone wishes them all the best with their vision and plans.

Others will lose their long-standing federal funding and their hopes to deliver their organisation’s vision and mission will be seriously undermined.

For them it is the beginning of a long struggle to find a path forward. This will be experienced as a huge responsibility because these are organisations to which they and many others have given their hearts and souls for many years. This is very hard place to find oneself in. It is a challenge that takes a new level of energy and intellectual and emotional commitment. Everyone’s thoughts and sympathy are with you.

* AICSA is organising senior industry members to provide advice on what strategies may serve your planning. Some advisers are already confirmed. Please contact if you would like us to organise strategic advice.

Theatre Network Australia has prepared a Letter to the Sector on how to manage your response in the coming days. This is a very valuable read.

* Also this Monday following the AICSA AGM from 5.45pm at Nexus Arts, there will be an open discussion on funding cuts advocacy and the campaign in the lead up to the election.

* A Share the Pain. Share the Love. drinks this Thursday onwards from 4.30pm at Casablabla have been organised by Vicki Sowry and ANAT [Australian Network for Art and Technology].

* Finally, AICSA is encouraging SA arts lovers to write to your local member of state parliament to voice your concerns about the impact of proposed state government arts funding cuts, in the midst of these federal cuts impacting Australia Council’s capacity.