Peter Garretts YOUR SHOUT forum

5.00pm sharp, Thursday 18 October The Auditorium, Art Gallery of SA enter via the fish gates ’round the back FREE ADMISSION In October 2007, prior to the federal election, we launched a series of forums. This series began with YOUR SHOUT, a public forum that provided an opportunity to communicate thoughts, fears and inspirations on […]

Occupational Health and Safety

Responsible Officer Training Obligations Under the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986, each body corporate carrying on a business in South Australia is required to appoint one or more responsible officers. Responsible officers are required to attend a course of training recognised or approved by the Advisory committee within 3 months of being appointed […]

Federal Labor Arts Policy Discussion Paper

This discussion paper is the second stage of the review and development of Labor’s arts policy and follows the call for submissions made by Labor’s spokesman for the Arts, Peter Garrett. Please provide any comments by August 25 to, or c/- PO Box 249 Maroubra NSW 2035. Associated Links Federal Labor Arts Policy Discussion […]

Moral Rights Legislation

In Australia, moral rights legislation was passed by federal parliament and came into force early in 2001. They give creators of copyright works the right to be attributed as author of their works and the right to protect the integrity of their works. For further information on Moral Rights, and what it means for you, […]