In Australia, moral rights legislation was passed by federal parliament and came into force early in 2001. They give creators of copyright works the right to be attributed as author of their works and the right to protect the integrity of their works. For further information on Moral Rights, and what it means for you, please refer to the following links.

Attorney-General’s Department: Moral Rights
Arts Law Centre of Australia Online
Moral Rights Infringement and Letter of Demand
Australian Copyright Council

Indigenous Communal Moral Rights
Indigenous Communal Moral Rights legislation was promised for introduction in 2005, but is still yet to be implimented. This legislation would ensure the right of appropriate attribution and protection against derogatory treatment of Indigenous communities’ traditional knowledge, which finds expression in cultural works and forms.

Inside Views by Molly Torsen. Intellectual Property Watch
Indigenous Communal Moral Rights: The Utility of an Ineffective Lawby Jane Anderson. Indigenous Law Bulletin.