Workforce Development

You might remember back in early May, AICSA announced we would be working with Service Skills SA to develop a workforce development pilot project for individual artists and creatives in SA. Well good news! This project is being expanded to the entire arts, cultural and wider creative sectors!
+ Independent Creatives
+ Micro organisations (employs less than ten people)
+ Organisations (employs more than ten people)

With Service Skills SA – AICSA is working towards ensuring the arts in South Australia is in a strong position to tap into new training initiatives, and that there are programs in place to meet the training needs of the sector. We are about to start developing a survey for distribution to determine what skills are needed that will enable us to devise these strategies to meet YOUR training needs. It’s a really exciting project to be working on and will enable us to develop an overview of workforce development and career planning for the arts in SA.

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