SURVEY // Arts Salary/Wage Transparency

The Arts Industry Council SA (AICSA) believes in fair wages for arts work. Too often, there is a lack of salary or wage transparency, which disempowers arts workers in their negotiations with their employers. In an effort to foster solidarity and make some small progress towards transparency and fairness, this AICSA survey calls on the […]

AICSA SURVEY: Impacts of Lockdown & COVID-19 Related Restrictions

COMPLETE THE SURVEY HERE Deadline extended to 5pm, Friday 13 August This survey aims to track the impact of the seven-day lockdown and public health restrictions on the South Australian arts sector.  Whether you are filling this survey out as an independent artist or on behalf of an arts organisation, the information you provide will help […]

AICSA Sector Survey Results Available for Download

SECTOR SURVEY RESULTS DOWNLOAD HERE (896kb). In the second half of 2018 AICSA held two briefing meetings to update the sector on cuts to the arts budget and the dismantling of Arts South Australia. At these meetings many expressed their concern regarding these changes and agreed that this is an uncertain time for organisations, companies […]