MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release: Friday 8 July 2016

Good budget news in the short term but long-term growth in the arts sector must be put on the agenda in SA

The Arts Industry of South Australia (AICSA) congratulates the SA Government for its demonstrable commitment to the arts and cultural economy. The Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Jack Snelling, made a considerable commitment to the future of the arts in South Australia that is welcomed by the industry as an important first step towards long-term growth.

The State Budget contained:

$15m to reverse proposed cuts thereby returning funds to the arts budget, as well as over the next four years the following initiatives:
• $35.2m to redevelop Her Majesty’s Theatre to secure major touring shows,
• $3m to support for OzAsia Festival,
• $1.4m to secure new live musical events,
• $1m to assist the South Australian Film Corporation to attract new funds,
• $500k to develop a business case for a new contemporary art gallery,
• $700k for the 2017 Adelaide Festival.

AICSA also believes that $20m to fund innovation initiatives and incentives to support companies to take on new employees will also benefit the arts.

This welcome good news, although critically important, does not address the concerns of the local arts sector surrounding the impact of changes to federal arts funding. The impact of the national changes are felt most acutely by independent artists who have seen a drop in funding of more than 70% since 2012 as well as the six small to medium arts companies that have lost their federal funding over the last two years: Slingsby, Brink, Vitalstatistix, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, the Contemporary Art Foundation of SA and the Media Resource Centre.

Disappointingly there is no growth in the arts budget to address inflation. As a result many organisations will face a funding decrease in real terms. AICSA will continue its positive dialogue with the State Government as well as continuing to publically advocate for a significant growth in arts funding.

The Chair of the Arts Industry Council of South Australia, Gail Kovatseff said:

“The SA arts industry requires funding levels that reflect the crucial contribution the arts makes to the economy and to social and cultural well-being. Having just trialled an arts campaign in the marginal seat of Hindmarsh at last week’s federal election, AICSA will ensure the critical creative and cultural industries are significantly recognised in the lead up to the State election in 2018. “

The Arts Industry Council of South Australia is the state’s independent, sector wide representative arts body.


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