Live Performance Australia has released its assessment of the major parties’ policy positions for the live performance industry in the lead-up to the 2016 federal election.

View the report card here for a comparison of the arts policies and commitments of the Coalition, the ALP, Greens and the Arts Party.

Arts Industry Council of South Australia asks that on Saturday 2 July, you will consider the policies, commitments and track records of all parties when you vote.


As you may know, the arts in Australia have experienced an unprecedented attack on our funding and independence under the current Federal Government. Over $300million has been cut from arts and culture in three years.

The devastating impact includes:
• 16,000 job losses in arts and recreation.
• Recent loss of Federal funding by 50% of small to medium sized arts organisations.
• 70% reduction of support to individual artists and their projects.

Five organisations previously supported through multiyear funding – Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Brink Productions, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Slingsby and Vitalstatistix – lost their funding in the latest cuts.

Yet, the arts and cultural sector in Australia employs more people than agriculture, construction or mining, and generates $50 billion for the Australian economy for comparatively modest investment.

Artists and arts organisations make an important contribution to the Australian community:

• Creating vibrant cities and regions.
• Contributing to our health and wellbeing.
• Enabling community participation and expression.
• Showcasing Australia to the world.

Supporting the arts is vital to an innovative and fair nation. Demand good arts policy and healthy funding when you vote on July 2.

The Arts Industry Council of South Australia encourages you to talk to your friends and families about this important national issue, especially if like most Australians they enjoy arts in their everyday lives. Arts and culture in Australia is seen in our libraries, on our screens, in our hospitals and schools, as well as in our theatres, galleries and festivals.


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