Calling the creative community to help refine the vision for the future

Adelaide 2055: A 40 Year Vision for the Arts

A publication released today by the Arts Industry Council of South Australia shares “a vision in which culture, the arts and creative industries play a stronger and more vital role in the state’s future.”

Adelaide 2055 (draft for consultation) brings together the ideas of nearly 200 members of South Australia’s arts community, who gathered for the 40 Year Vision for the Arts forum in late 2014 at Adelaide Town Hall.

Over the last year, the Arts Industry Council of SA has compiled the insights from the forum’s 70 discussion sessions. Though perspectives and ideas raised were diverse, the common thread envisioned a city and a state with an enterprising future powered by culture, the arts and creative industries.

The paper gives a vision of the arts “becoming embedded across the whole of life, especially in our education system, influencing technology and science, encouraging innovation, improving our health and well-being, our society, and care of our natural environment.”

With the release of Adelaide 2055 for further consultation, the next step requires the creative community to consider, discuss, embellish and collectively promote these conceptual ideas. It is intended that this vision form a bi-partisan foundation for developing far-sighted policies for culture, the arts and creative industries, but also education and other portfolios, across all levels of government.

Read Adelaide 2055: A 40 Year Vision for the Arts

“The arts are an intrinsic part of the state’s character, economy and appeal – making the state a richer, better place. South Australia is well-placed to lead in creative innovation, as we have in previous decades. Adelaide 2055 forges a path towards this future.” said Arts Industry Council of SA Chair, Gail Kovatseff.

Some of the ideas cited in Adelaide 2055 include Leaders in Arts and Education, A Network of Exceptional Cultural Spaces, Financial Sustainability for Organisations, and Artists Playing to the World.

Members of the arts community are encouraged to have their say on Adelaide 2055 by visiting or contact