AICSA were requested to organise a tour of small to medium organisations for Mr Stephen Marshall, Shadow Minister for the Arts and Opposition Leader; his arts advisor Torie Brown, and Isobel Redmond MP, State Member for Heysen. AICSA lined up visits with 13 organisations across three areas scheduled for 2-5pm Friday 22 November:

This was a great opportunity to convey the breadth of the sector, the activity it generates, as well as highlight pertinent issues faced by the small to medium sector. Gail Kovatseff, Deputy Chair of the Arts Industry Council of South Australia and Director of the Media Resource Centre was our trusty tour guide who had this to say about the tour:

Though a tight schedule it was a great opportunity to introduce Stephen Marshal and Isobel Redmond to the small to medium sector. The sector continued to make its point that the s2m are critical deliverers of SA arts practice and are the bridging step to establishing major careers. Stephen and Isobel showed and an understanding and appreciation of the issues facing not only s2m but individual artists.