AICSA attended an arts sector consultation on a proposed ‘hub’ for the arts yesterday. The consultation was led by David Paterson, Cornerstone Strategy at the request of the project co-sponsors Sandy Verschoor (Adelaide City Council), Alex Reid (Arts SA), and Georgina Vasilevski (DPTI) – and following on from the Capital City Committee’s Emerging Leaders Forum held in June 2012.

The focus of the session was to explore how to best support the creative arts sector in South Australia. The forum took place at St Pauls and the key goal of the session was to articulate a ‘strategic intent’ for a creative hub.

As an available space – St Pauls Community Centre was identified as a possible site for such a ‘hub’, subject to sector consultation, approvals, and an appropriate model being agreed upon. The format of the day was structured around like sub-sectors building a view of what the hub might look like. The groups also specified what the hub should not look like.

David Paterson is writing a report and set of recommendations based on the consultation – and AICSA looks forward to sharing this with you when it is made available.