There has been much discussion around the AICSA committee table regarding state and national arts policy. Does the arts industry want and need an arts policy, what will it mean for the arts, and what makes a good one? A few policies have been identified and are linked below. The committee mooted that a good arts policy has a long-term view, sets out an authoritative allocation of value, is evidence based and bipartisan. Are you aware of a stand out policy for the arts, do you have any views on this? Let me know.

Arts Debate Learn about the findings from Arts Council England’s first ever public value inquiry!
Cultural Development Policy for Ville de Montréal 05-15 [2.1Mb PDF]
Arts Queensland
Creative Capacity + Arts Victoria

South Australia’s Strategic Plan
The arts have four targets (as opposed to one in the earlier plan) under the objective: Fostering Creativity and Innovation.
The Heart of South Australia
Government and the Arts and Cultural Sector Working Together: Strategic Directions for South Australia, December 2003. Response by the South Australian Government to the key issues raised at the Arts Summit in July 2003.

Dance Plan 2012 a four-year action plan for the Australian Dance sector, July 2008
Anticipating Change in the Major Performing Arts commissioned by the Major Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council to identify the most significant trends and factors likely to influence the health and vitality of the 29 largest performing arts organisations in Australia over the next two decades. Produced by international arts consulting firm AEA Consulting, May 2008
Australia 2020 Summit – Final Report This report is intended to provide a record of the Australia 2020 Summit and recommendations on each of the discussion areas for consideration by the Australian Government. It is based on ideas put forward by participants during the Summit discussion sessions, outcomes from preliminary Summit events and ideas generated from public submissions received prior to the Summit. see: # 8 Towards a creative Australia – the future of the arts, film and designMay 2008.
Between a hard rock and a soft space design, creative practice and innovation. CHASS Occasional Paper No.5. A background paper prepared for the National Innovation Review. Dr John H Howard, April 2008. This paper argues that innovation policy should reflect broader perspectives, and the contribution of the arts, humanities and social sciences to innovation.
Labors New Directions for the Arts paper released in September 2007 is an outcome of feedback and consultation since the release of Federal Labor Arts Policy Discussion Paper in July 2006.
Transcript of speech, Labor’s New Directions for the Arts launch, Sydney 14 September 2007