forum #1: The Idea of Festivals
4.30-6pm Thursday 3 April
Mercury Cinema, MRC
13 Morphett Street

Christie Anthoney, Director, Adelaide Fringe
Conny Wilson, General Manager, SALA Festival
Daniel Clarke, Artistic Director, Feast Festival
Douglas Gautier, CEO & Artistic Director, Adelaide Festival Centre
Dr Robert Phiddian, Chair, 2009 Adelaide Festival of Ideas
Jason Cross, Artistic Director, ASSITEJ
Katrina Sedgwick, Festival Director, Adelaide Film Festival
Paul Grabowsky, Artistic Director, Adelaide Festival 2010
Peter Tregilgas, Executive Director, High Beam Global
Rick Hosking, Chair, 2008 Adelaide Writers’ Week

Loene Furler, Coordinator Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design + Lecturer Visual Arts, Adelaide Centre for the Arts.

Why do we have them ?
Who are they for ?
Does a festival need to be well-balanced ?
What does it mean to you, how do you do it ?
How do you prioritise art ? Is it easy or hard?
Does it depend on which stakeholder you are speaking to ?
Do Festivals effect how and why local independent artists and organisations are funded (by public or private means) ? Is it healthy ? What does it mean for audiences ?
What are the issues Festival Directors face, how have they changed over the years : Do festivals need to change ?