Independent makers strategy: Innovation is Applied Creativity
Independent artists play a vital role in maintaining an innovative and thriving arts sector in South Australia. However, as we have noted in our budget analyses and submissions over recent years, their capacity to undertake and sustain their practice has been diminishing. The Innovation is Applied Creativity document outlines the issues affecting independent artists and their capacity to maintain their practice in South Australia. It also contains a series of actions which, if supported by the South Australian Government, would substantially improve this situation. We suggest that with an investment of $700,000 in additional recurrent funding to the Arts SA budget, the situation of independent artists would be substantially improved and their potential contribution to the sector and the state could be realised. The paper has been developed in consultation with the independent sector, and in response to a request made to the AIC from a group of established independent artists. Following the initial request, the AIC initiated and facilitated a public forum in May 2005. As a result of this forum, we undertook a broad consultation with members of the independent sector to further identify issues and canvass solutions. This paper is the result of that process.

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