As the state’s independent, sector wide representative arts body, the AICSA is extremely valuable to the South Australian arts sector. The AICSA was constituted as an incorporated institution in 1991. The Council receives no operational funding from the government, and derives its support from the industry through member subscriptions, fundraising, sponsorship and in-kind donations.

Our members include over one hundred of the state’s arts and cultural organisations and independent artists. It is to our credit, the South Australian arts sector, that our collective commitment to maintaining our member subscriptions, allows this tradition to continue here today.


  • We circulate reliable, up to date information about state and federal arts budgets, policy issues and other matters affecting the arts in South Australia.
  • We meet regularly with Arts SA’s Executive Director as well as ministerial advisers to ensure effective communication between the arts sector and government.
  • We take delegations to government ministers and other key decision makers to let them know the views and concerns of the arts sector and what we want them to do in response.


  • We generate and circulate issues papers providing background and detail on current matters of concern to the arts sector.
  • We are a key contact for arts journalists, and are regularly asked for background information on arts issues.
  • We maintain national and international networks with allied arts information agencies.


  • We mount lobby and advocacy campaigns and we provide materials to AIC members to help them speak out.
  • We host public forums and discussion evenings to pass on and gather the views of the arts sector and identify actions.


To join as a member of AICSA and support our work, visit our Membership page.