Creative South Australia: A Vision for the Arts


In the lead up to the 2018 State Election, Arts Industry Council of South Australia (AICSA) launches CREATIVE SOUTH AUSTRALIA: A VISION FOR THE ARTS – a wide-ranging vision for arts and culture in South Australia.

Since November 2015 AICSA has been working with the SA arts community to develop and put a vision in place which ensures that there is a holistic approach to the arts. It is a vision looking forward to 2055 aiming to ensure the legacy we leave for the coming generations is as robust as the one inherited by current generations from the work of ground-breakers in the 1960s and 1970s. It manifestly celebrates the contribution artists makes to the richness of our society, the strength of our identity and the viability of our economy.

Download Creative South Australia here.


In late 2014, nearly 200 artists, arts workers and arts lovers gathered to discuss a 40 Year Vision for the Arts in SA.

The Arts Industry Council of SA has been hard at work to compile the ideas and insights from 70 discussion sessions during two-day forum at Adelaide Town Hall. We are now pleased to release this report – Adelaide 2055.

The Adelaide 2055 report encompasses the vision that the arts will become “embedded across the whole of life, especially in our education system, influencing technology and science, encouraging innovation, improving our health and well-being, our society, and care of our natural environment.”

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