2020 Nominations


The following have submitted their nominations for the Executive Committee including a short bio and reason for nominating for the AICSA Committee.

There are EIGHT vacant positions available on the Executive Committee with NINE nominations received. A secret ballot will be conducted at the Annual General Meeting.



Vincent Ciccarello is currently Managing Director of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and has worked as a journalist for The Independent Weekly newspaper, the University of South Australia and Flinders University. He was the proprietor of Fanfare Artist Management for 10 years, representing independent freelance singers, conductors and creatives; he was also Orchestra Resources Manager of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Vincent is a graduate of the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

Reason for nominating

I have a lifelong belief in and career commitment to the arts and culture sector. Now, more than ever, I’m keen to foster and support connections across the sector, and to build bridges between all constituent groups; for the sake of our sector but, more importantly, for the wellbeing of the broader community. We have a vital role to play in improving the quality of life of our citizens – and I’m for the challenge of advocating for it.



Amber Cronin is an independent Australian cross-disciplinary artist whose practice is grounded in performative and sculptural gestures. As founding co-director of The Mill (providing arts programming adjacent to a community of studio spaces), Amber has been focused on creating a space for dialogue between visual arts and performance. Amber is a passionate advocate for the arts, she champions artists as integral to a rich cultural fabric and society.

Reason for nominating

I have been involved with AICSA across many years as both an individual and organisational member. I was present at the 40 year vision planning sessions some years ago– a series of meetings that left an indelible impression on me as an active contributor to the South Australian arts industry. I believe that AICSA provides a space of convergence for the broad array of practitioners and makers in South Australia.

I am interested in leadership that comes from within our arts community, and want to be a part of communicating our vision and needs as a sector to government and beyond.



Kristen Eckhardt has worked in leadership roles within the Australian arts sector for close to 15 years, overseeing the strategic marketing and brand direction within the visual arts (at the National Gallery of Victoria), the museum and film events sector (at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image), and more recently, the performing arts sector (at Arts Centre Melbourne and Adelaide Festival Centre). As an avid arts lover and communicator, she champions the belief that arts and culture has the power to build community and transform lives.

Reason for nominating

As a relative newcomer to South Australia, having moved here in late 2018 from Melbourne, I wish to use my 15 years of professional arts administration experience to become an advocate for the arts in my new city. Working at Adelaide Festival Centre has ensured I already have an excellent overview of the small to medium performing arts sector in South Australia. I believe becoming an Executive Member of AICSA would enable me to better understand and lobby to meet the needs of the broader sector and contribute my skills towards the council’s goals to communicate, educate and agitate.



Nescha graduated from the Flinders University Drama Centre in 2010. She is a founder and Co-Executive Director of RUMPUS and is one half of independent theatre company Tiny Bricks, a creative partnership with playwright Phillip Kavanagh. For the State Theatre Company of South Australia, Nescha has directed Jasper Jones, Terrestrial, Switzerland, Straight White Men (co-production with La Boite), Gorgon, Volpone, Krapp’s Last Tape in the ‘Beckett Triptych’ (2015 Adelaide Festival, 2016 MOFO), Othello, Jesikah and Random. Other directing credits include Yerma (Foul Play), Sepia (RiAus/Emily Steel), Hamlet (Actors Folio), Alice and Peter Grow Up (Milk Theatre Collective), and Deluge (Tiny Bricks in association with Brink for the 2016 Adelaide Festival).

Reason for nominating

I am one of the founders and a Co-Executive Director of RUMPUS, a new artist-run organisation with a membership of 28 local independent theatre makers. By working together as a community, we’ve achieved far more than we ever initially anticipated. Through this experience, I’ve become a big believer in the membership model for organisations; the power of a community coming together and cooperating to find creative methods to tackle shared challenges. AICSA has already been doing this for some time, and connects to a broader community of artists in Adelaide. I would love to be a part of this broader conversation, bringing with me the close ties and knowledge that I have our local indy theatre sector.



Justyna is the CEO of Festivals Adelaide (FA), the strategic umbrella organisation for Adelaide’s 11 major festivals. Prior to her role at FA, she worked as the Head of International Cooperation and Development at the Krakow Festival Office (Poland), where she managed global partnerships and programs, among them the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature designation. Justyna specialises in international coalition and strategy. She possesses extensive experience working with global cultural NGOs and arts organisations; funding and government bodies; festivals and creatives. As of 2020, Justyna also serves as a board member of The Mill.

Reason for nominating

AICSA plays a pivotal role in positioning the South Australian arts industry. I believe I can make a significant contribution to its ambition, strategy, and the development of not only strong state and national alliances, but cross-industry and international ones as well. In joining the Executive Committee, I would hope that together we can advance coalition-building and thought leadership as well as amplify the research and communication potential of AICSA.



Dearna is a proud woman of the Kaurna and Narungga nations in South Australia. With a decade of experience as an arts producer working across festivals and cultural organisations, Dearna has delivered a diverse range of events and programs with and for urban and regional communities.

Dearna is passionate about creating opportunities and platforms which celebrate the intersections of art, culture and identity. Fortunate enough to be mentored by some inspirational figures along her journey, Dearna values the importance of accessible and culturally safe spaces for people to grow, make mistakes and to challenge socially imposed expectations.

Currently Dearna is employed as a Project Coordinator at MOD. at UniSA, a futuristic museum of discovery. Outside of this role Dearna is also the Creative Producer with Balya Productions, a First Nations arts and event production company in Adelaide.

Most recently, Dearna has joined the Girls Rock! Adelaide team to assist with engagements with First Nations communities within South Australia.

Reason for nominating

To ‘agitate’ is something that resonates with me. It’s the aim to continuously challenge the status quo, and I love that this is a core value and mission of AICSA. It’s important to purposefully question as I feel it’s the only way to meaningful change and impact, particularly at a systems level.

I am driven to facilitate spaces for creative expression, especially for marginalised voices. To me, AICSA not only understands this but strives for this too. I would love the opportunity to join the AICSA committee to contribute towards empowering and building a stronger, more accessible and resilient arts community within South Australia.



Nadia has worked in the arts sector in Adelaide for over 10 years, in a range of roles including programming, marketing and production. She has been involved in many of our great festivals including WOMADelaide, Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Festival, as well as a wide range of outdoor community events, conferences, theatre performances, and major outdoor concerts including Bon Jovi and Elton John. Nadia loves networking, growing connections and collaborating with others, and her skills include managing projects and events, building relationships with stakeholders, and marketing and communications. She currently works at the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, where she delivers and produces a range of arts and cultural events, including the recent flagship event, Fire Gardens as part of Adelaide Festival 2020.

Nadia is passionate about the performing arts, both personally and professionally, and she has a strong desire to contribute to the growth of the performing arts sector in South Australia. She is particularly interested in enabling and supporting artists and the small to medium sector to develop and present work to new and existing audiences. She also has a strong interest in developing and growing new audiences and exploring ways to increase overall public engagement and value for the performing arts.

Reason for nominating

I am passionate about the performing arts sector in South Australia, and I want to contribute more to the sector in some way. I feel that joining the AICSA Executive Committee will provide an opportunity for me to make more of a contribution and support our sector further. I love making new connections and bringing people together, I also want to learn more about the sector and understand the members’ goals and challenges, and potentially assist in providing opportunities.

I want to support the Chair and other committee members to strengthen the opportunities and benefits that the AICSA provides its members.

I would also like to support the Chair and other committee members to promote the overall value of the arts and cultural sector to the wider community, as well as help the community better understand the needs and concerns of the sector.

I hope to be a pro-active Committee member, to have the opportunity to bring ideas to the table while also providing strong support to current initiatives and programs.



Eleanor is an Adelaide-based independent curator and writer. From 2013 – 2019 she was the Visual Arts Program Curator at Country Arts SA, and the Visual Arts Coordinator at Tandanya – NACI from 2011 – 2013. She has held volunteer roles including co-director of FELTspace ARI. She graduated with a Masters in Curatorial and Museum Studies from the University of Adelaide in 2012, and is the current Chair of the AHCAN committee. From 2014-2016 she sat on the Board of Directors of the AEAF, and from 2017-2019 on the Board of ACE Open. In 2015 Eleanor travelled to Venice where she was a Team Leader at the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. In 2018 she received a Darling Travel Grant, which saw her travel to the UK and Italy to research community engagement strategies in contemporary art spaces. Scicchitano’s curatorial practice commonly involves working with artists to explore identity and the body. She has curated numerous exhibitions across Australia, including at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, and Artbank, Sydney.

Reason for nominating

Over the past several years the arts sector across Australia has faced a number of increasing challenges including continual funding cuts, and a growing sense of underappreciation for both artists and arts workers, and the important role that they play in creating Australia’s identity, contributing to our cultural life and wellbeing and the financial contribution we make to the Country. I believe that AICSA plays an important role as advocates for this sector, working with government to understand our needs and goals. I am interested in joining the AICSA Executive Committee so I can make a meaningful contribution to this conversation, and to represent the visual arts as part of this connected conversation.

Now, perhaps more than ever, it is important that the arts sector present a united voice in this conversation, and I admire the cross-disciplinary nature of AICSA and the committee. I look forward to working with colleagues from across the sector to present this united voice, and to advocate for the arts as a whole sector.

I also believe that AICSA plays an important role as connector and at times translator between government, the arts sector and the general public. I would like to work with the AICSA Executive Committee on how to connect these different segments of society, and to gain experience in advocacy and sector developement.



Emma Webb is producer, curator and activist. Working across independent projects, small-to-medium companies and festivals, she has focused on commissioning, developing and producing socially engaged, live performance and experimental arts projects. She has been Di- rector at Vitalstatistix since 2010. She has been a member of the executive of the Arts Industry Council of South Australia since 2016, and has been active in state and federal arts advocacy, in- cluding around safe workplaces. She is also involved in local community politics in her home of Port Adelaide.

Reason for nominating

I am re-nominating for the AICSA executive committee having been a member for several years. I am keen to continue to represent the perspective of small-to-medium organisations and the independent sector, as well as encouraging united advocacy across the arts sector at this critical and unprecedented time. I want to contribute to how we can strengthen our advocacy to government and the broader general public, and how we contribute to current national campaigns from a South Australian perspective.